Paradise Honey FD super 10FR

Paradise BeeBox super full depth 10 frame
Paradise BeeBox super full depth 10 frame
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Paradise Honey FD super 10FR


The Paradise Honey BeeBox system is the result of over 30 years of evolution of polystyrene beehives in the harsh winters of Scandinavia. The thermal performance of the Paradise Honey BeeBox allows a much larger percentage of the honeybee workforce to be engaged in productive nectar and pollen foraging rather than climate control and water collection - resulting in larger honey crops and healthier honeybees.

Their ergonomic, strong and lightweight design makes them easier on the beekeeper. They are lighter, their large moulded handles are comfortable to handle and their profiled designed interlocks the beehive components together creating a weatherproof seal and makes them easier to secure and transport.
The Paradise Honey BeeBox Langstroth full depth hive body takes 10 full depth Langstroth frames. It can be used as a brood chamber or a honey super.
The Paradise Honey BeeBox hive body comes flat packed and is easily assembled and prepared for operation in three easy steps:
Install the hard plastic profiles to the top and lower edge of the end panels
Apply exterior grade PVC glue to the joints and press the two end and side panels together.
Apply two coated of exterior grade acrylic water based paint.

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