A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


Our beekeeping journey began with the purchase of a single hive in 2012. Since that day, our love for bees, and our hive numbers, have grown and grown.

With diverse backgrounds in finance and laboratory science, we have found great balance in our lives with our primary production endeavors. 2013 saw the launch of our honey label B Raw Honey Company which has been embraced by local honey lovers and continues to grow. More recently, we have broadened apiary operations to include production of queen bees to recreational beekeepers when conditions allow and a queen cell raising service to commercial apiarists.

Adelaide Beekeeping Supplies was founded in 2016 to provide face to face advice to the Adelaide recreational beekeeping community and apiary equipment across metro and rural South Australia and Australia wide.

When not working with our bees, we are vignerons tending to our vines located on the Southern Fleurieu. Our wine brand Fleurieu Nectar and Vines - or FNV for short has been warmly welcomed by restaurants along the Fleurieu Peninsula and beyond.